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2tec2 Hybrid Collection


The Hybrid collection is inspired by the biophilic design philosophy. Biophilia is the inborn need people possess for contact with nature which is essential to their physical and mental health, productivity, and wellbeing. It is also a design developed to forgive the hardship of heavy traffic in commercial projects. Seams, stains and wear will be magically “blown away”. The Hybrid collection delivers an appearance that will arouse the curiosity of designers and comes with the proprietary ‘Comfort Backing’ a felt acoustic backing reducing the impacts of sound and improving underfoot comfort in general. Hybrid is available in roll, seamless tiles, and various shapes.

Transitions by Atlas

Introducing Atlas’s Transitions Collection. This new collection allows for seamless transitions and is defined by texture and brought alive with subtle coloration. All four of Atlas’s Transitions products have coordinating LVT which deliver an incredible install.

The MOTO Collection by Inhaus

The MOTO collection is certified safe and meets FloorScore standards.
MOTO is 100% recyclable, contains no harmful chemicals, and is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) MOTO is extremely slip, chemical, stain, fade and fire resistant, making it perfect for commercial projects.

Masland’s Collection: Rough and Tumble

Masland’s collection: Rough and Tumble is a versatile carpet tile plank collection. You can mix and match these two products to create a unique and seamless look perfect for any corporate setting. Choose from 12 different colors.

Bravi! Bellissimo Ancora

A modern interpretation of the classics, Bellissimo Ancora offers two stylized patterns with unique accents. Choose from neutral tones to energetic colors for your next project.

Division 9 Adapts to Changes with Atlas’s Adapt Collection

Change can be hard, but we all must learn to adapt. Presenting: Atlas’s Adapt Collection. 4 styles with a wide variety of colors that can fit into any project.

Natural Elements


Bring a touch of the outdoors to your project with Masland’s Natural Elements collection. Offering 4 styles in plank format, this striking collection is adds a little natural flair.

You don’t need to wait until the 21st of September to enjoy the designs Earth, Wind, and Fire (well, it’s technically called Air, but don’t fault us for appreciating a good jam).

New Atlas Collection- Raise the Bar!

Introducing the newest Atlas line Raise the Bar! Two new transitional patterns and a variety of colors allow for design flexibility and tactile interest on the floor. Contact Division 9 for more information and samples!


Happy Holidays!

Division 9 Introduces the Avara Collection from Parterre Flooring

Announcing Parterre Flooring’s Avara collection. Avara offers options for both the floor and accent walls, allowing you to coordinate design for a seamless flow from the ground up!

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